Robotics and Automation

Those who are very observant among us will notice that robots are everywhere around us.

About the Writer

Dr. Serhiv Mazur is a lecturer at a university in Ukraine.
His first degree was in computer science while his Master’s degree was in Robotics engineering. He also holds a PhD degree in Robotic Systems and Complexes, one of the few to ever hold a degree in this field. He has several essays on the historical development of robotics and the importance of robots to human existence to his credit.

He has also published two books on cloud computing and its advantages to business organizations. The essay above; although slightly edited here; is part of a soon to be published book showcasing a collection of different essays by Dr. Serhiv Mazur; on various topics about computer science, robotics, cloud computing and mobile app development; all written by Dr. Mazur.

Dr. Mazur takes pride in impacting knowledge on students and has worked as a lecturer jumping from one computer or robotic class to another for over fifteen years.
When Dr. Mazur is not teaching or writing an essay, he relaxes by visiting friends and families.
He lives in the capital city of Ukraine (Kiev) with his wives and two kids.


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